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Remembering What’s Important

In an individual’s life there are those random moments that return you to remembering what’s important and how far life’s journey has taken you down a path that you could have never imagined before.

For all of the things people blame on the internet, I wish that people would recognize those stories you happen upon online that make you look back to a time in your own life where you may have experienced a great triumph or tragedy. When I see the story of a preemie in critical condition, or hopefully one beating the odds, I more often than not will find myself thrust back to the time John spent in the NICU.

I know that regardless of the ups and downs of that family’s individual story that they will be changed in ways they can’t imagine (not that they have any time at the moment for imagining or, for that matter, even thinking about anything at all other than their present human drama).

Stories like this remind me how lucky we are to have organizations like the March of Dimes and the advances they have pioneered over the years. My family is tremendously privileged to have witnessed John’s success story. We are reminded of this every time one of John’s doctors from the NICU sees how well he is doing. Seems like we’re long overdue for a visit.