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Two Years Ago Today

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to have a record of John’s entry into this world including:

  • my wife’s initial premature labor (at 26 weeks)
  • her bed rest after the doctors were able to stop here initial premature labor
  • John’s Birth (at 28 weeks), and
  • his stay in the NICU (including his first surgery).

Two years ago today marked the beginning of the first of the milestones above (something I first wrote about last year):

“Something doesn’t feel right.”

I’m not sure those were her actual words.  In fact they probably weren’t.  The actual words weren’t all that important. What was important at that point was that it was clear to us that our first action should be to call the doctor. We were both quite convinced that it was probably nothing, but we seemed to have an unspoken agreement to not to follow our usual inclination (to see how it goes after a night’s sleep). Thankfully we took the course of action that we did.

It was 10:30 PM. The doctor wanted us to come down to the hospital. We wouldn’t get settled at the hospital till close to midnight. Strangely at this point it didn’t dawn on us what was about to transpire (Jess thought she would be playing tennis on her league the next day).

At the time we simply thought we were simply being responsible and thorough. We were sure that it would be nothing and the doctors would send us back home. Little did we know the gravity of the roller-coaster we had already stepped onto.

Over the coming months I plan on returning to the original mission of this blog, bringing you a blow-by-blow “this time last year two years ago” account of John’s entry into this world.