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The Post Where I Realize I’m Likely to be the Last Runner to Complete My Race Today

I may have done a stupid thing. I signed up for a race without realizing some important dynamics of said race until the night before (effectively freaking myself the expletive out). Today is my first 10 mile race. Yes I’ve run 4 half marathons in the past so I’ve done the distance, but I’ve never run this specific distance as a race.

Realization #1: 10 Milers are Smallish in Terms of Number of Competitors

In my age group (40-44) last year there were only 8 runners. Overall it appears the race had only just over 140 competitors.


Realization #2: 10 Milers are Fast

In my age group last year 7 of the 8 runners complete the race with sub-10 min/mi times. The remaining runner completed the race with a sub-12 min/mi time.


Realization #3: I’m Going to Feel Like a Bit of a Poser

I’m going to wear my new kit. It turned out awesome (after i did some alterations to fix problems with the printing process). I’m proud of my work, but while I’m a believer in the “dress for the job you want” way of thinking, thinking it won’t make me fast. Add on top of that there are not a lot of slow runners. It’s just going to be me with my bad self being slow.


I do hereby resolve (despite my anxiety)

I will have fun.

I will not injure myself.

I will enjoy the local eats and craft bear served after the race (this is after all the Atwater Growler Gallop).

I will go home and enjoy the comfy goodness of the hoodie that came with my registration.

Good running everyone.