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My Projects

Mike & The Yard of Doom

The previous owner of my house seemed to have the singular focus in life of blocking out the word around her and making the yard a protective canopy against the outside world. None of this makes a yard particularly kid friendly and that is something I’m determined to change. As I make more progress towards this end you can expect to see some of it here.

Assistive Hack Projects

As a technology worker/leader who focuses on making the web and other digital technologies friendlier to individuals with differing abilities and the parent of a child who has special needs I’m looking for more ways to apply the kind of problem solving I use in the digital world to make some activities more practical and accessible to my son.

Cosplay and Whatnot

There was a time where I would not have considered applying a lot of time and resources to dressing up as characters from (or based on) my favorite works of fiction, but with the recent resurgance of interest in Star Wars and seeing the activities of groups like the 501st Legion  and the Rebel Legion, I see a lot of the good such groups do in their communities. My present interests aren’t in developing an Imperial or Rebellion-based costume, but I’m currently planning a Mandalorian-based (Think Boba /Jango Fett) costume and future membership with the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.